St Andrews House, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, Warwickshire. CV12 0JP


Skamps Preschool Day Nursery

We have fun, We play, We learn. 

What will my child need?

For Babies they will need nappy cream (if needed) nappies, changes of clothes, bibs, and bottles, (milk can be brought in and we can make up the bottles for ease). Babies when being weaned will need their food brought in. Children 2-4 year olds are encouraged to be independent as much as possible so we ask that all children bring in a named bag with a full set of named clothes from socks to tops especially if they are just beginning to be potty trained.

We do have a small supply of spare clothes but these run out pretty quickly. The spare clothes are not just for those who are just starting to use the toilet but also for those who get a bit enthusiastic when playing with water or washing their hands and sometimes they do get a bit ‘damp’ and when playing with shaving foam, cornflour, beans etc. 

A supply of nappies/pull ups can be stored in Skamps and replenished when getting low,

Skamps jumpers and T-shirts are for sale at £6.00 each. The uniform is not compulsory but parents have said that it helps their clothes as we do quite a lot of messy creative activities so its best not to bring them in their best clothes - sizes available are 3-4 and 5-6 years.

We also ask for a water bottle to be brought in so the children can access water throughout the session/day to help keep them hydrated, wellies to keep on the trolley so we can all go outside no matter what the weather is and slippers, slipper bag provided. In the summer we ask that suitable footwear to be worn i.e. no open toed sandals or high heels. Coats are needed all year round so we can go to the park and outside. If your child has their ears pierced we ask no hoops only studs please.