St Andrews House, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, Warwickshire. CV12 0JP


Skamps Preschool Day Nursery

We have fun, We play, We learn. 


I have had the pleasure of working at Skamps for many many years. I am married with 2 daughters who are grown up now. I am also a nanny to my eldest daughters’ child. I have an NVQ level 3 qualification and take great enjoyment in helping the children at Skamps achieve their full potential before they start reception in school, working along with the other fantastic staff and management at Skamps. I hope your children enjoy their time with us at Skamps.  

Gaynor - Early Years Professional, Senior Practitioner and Owner

I started off working in Skamps as a ‘helping mum’  in 1994 when my 2 children attended some 20 odd years ago and am now a very proud Nanny to my daughter’s two son's and daughter. My son has ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome so I know how challenging it is to have a child with Special Needs. I took the running of Skamps over in September 1995 when it was at the Methodist Church on Wheelwright Lane and moved the pre-school to Wheelwright Lane School in September 1996. Now moved again July 2014 to where we are now and re-opened in September 2014. Each move involved setting up and making the environment fun, stimulating and safe. 

Since taking over I have achieved a Foundation Degree and BA(Hons) in Early Education Studies and hold an Early Years Professional Status, I am Designated Safeguarding Lead and Speech and Language Champion for the setting. My role is to ensure the pre-school is run to provide the children with the best possible start to their education which is a fun filled and exciting experience and to ensure the pre-school meets the requirements set by OFSTED, Warwickshire County Council and Nursery Funding requirements. I am also a key person and thoroughly enjoy working every day with the children, getting to know them and their individual characters - life is never boring! 


I started working at Skamps in October 2016. I have a level 3 in Childcare and have been in childcare for 8 years. I enjoy working with children and watching them grow and develop. I am currently on Maternity leave having had a our first daughter in Spet 2018


I am married with 2 children – one of each and have worked in Skamps for many years. I have my NVQ level 3 qualification, safeguarding qualification and I love working at Skamps. I enjoy working with the children and seeing them progress onto school. I have two dogs and enjoy walking them daily. My daughter has problems with allergies and is at secondary school with my son.


There are 8 staff/key persons working at Skamps Pre-school Day Nursery Bedworth, of which most staff hold level 3 or above qualifications and are DBS checked. some hold a First Aid qualification, food hygiene certificates and have safeguarding training.

Training needs are met through various training providers and in house, and attend various meetings to network with other managers and keep up to date with current thinking and legislation.

Staff are Key persons

Skamps Pre-school Day Nursery Bedworth operates a key person system. This means that each member of staff has a group of children for whom she/he is particularly responsible. Your child's key person will be the person who works with you to make sure that what we provide is right for your child's particular needs and interests. When your child first starts at nursery she/he will help your child to settle and throughout your child's time at nursery she/he will help your child to benefit from nursery activities.

Below are photos of our staff which have a little bit about them, written by them so you can get to know us. 


I started working at Skamps in November 2015, and have acheived deputy status already. I have a level 3 cache Diploma in Childcare and peadiatric first aid. Previously I have worked in the french Alps for 2 years and at a previous nursery for 8 years. I have 2 boys and enjoy doing a lot of fun things as a family.

Working with children is very fun and rewarding, I enjoy helping them learn new things and encouraging their development