St Andrews House, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, Warwickshire. CV12 0JP


Skamps Preschool Day Nursery

We have fun, We play, We learn. 

Parents Comments from previous questionnaires sent out yearly:

What do you like most about Skamps Pre-school Day Nursery Bedworth: 

  • Friendly - kind-
  • He is very happy here and its a caring and fun environment
  • Fun environment for learning, interesting topics, a vast amount of activities to do. A brilliant stepping stone for school
  • friendly 'at home' atmosphere
  • friendly staff and environment
  • the staff - all so approachable, friendly, helpful - lovely to Her which is so important to us. The day seems to have a good structure, lots of activities and she comes out happy
  • Lots of things I like e.g child safety, whatever children do at the school like painting, art and craft etc you keep in the folder at the end of the day parents can see it. if anythings happen you tells the parents, mobiles etc
  • appears very organised and prepares the children for school
  • The variety of skills and tasks she does and the lovely ladies that run Skamps
  • She does come home buzzing from her day and is always talking about her friends so its nice she is socialising
  • The relaxed atmosphere has meant my son has progressed so well at Skamps and I could speak to any of the staff as all are approachable
  • I think the structure of the day is good, it helps with getting the children in a routine – for school. Also thanks for the help with him and his (naughty) ! behaviour – the time out/egg timer system and the supportive staff
  • Just to thank you all for doing such a great job with him he settled quickly and has enjoyed his time at Skamps
  • She loves her time at Skamps and has come on so much so thank you to you all
  • I’m very happy that we chose Skamps – he as come a long way in 7 months. All the staff are friendly and the setting in stage/support was great thank you
  • My son and us are very happy with Skamps, it provides a safe and friendly environment for him to learn in
  • Staff are friendly and approachable. Colourful and stimulating environment. Children are given the opportunities to try lots of different activities.
  • All the teachers are so friendly they always make my child happy when he sees them
  • Friendly members of staff, interesting topics and seeing my child happy at Skamps
  • The outside, the whole randomness of it all, its set out for children almost like a child created it - its great!
  • The staff's relationship with the children are second to none
  • The staff are very friendly, easy to approach
  • Regular communication through newsletters
  • My child seems to be very happy there, and the staff seem to me very good and optimistic with the children
  • Staff are very friendly and approachable. Very good atmosphere which makes my child feel at ease when he is there
  • Friendly environment and Nutty staff
  • The care she received so far in Skamps she brings home the reading book ( regularly changed) we read it with her and she never gets bored of reading only one book because its so frequently changed. I would like to say thanks a lot for the care provided on time because she seems settled in the Skamps now
  • My child talks about it all the time and can’t get enough of it
  • I like the fact that when your child has difficulty settling in you can stay as I have done this with my child and this did help her
  • The communication is excellent putting myself at ease over my child as he is very nervous at playschool
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks a lot to all the staff members and the head Gaynor because our child received a very good care and support throughout since she joined the Skamps. She is so very well looked after that we never felt even a slightest concern about her safety or health. She has enjoyed so far and hope will continue it and flourish with the staff's help just like that as its now thanks
  • Thank you for all your help and support over the years with both my children.
  • I’m very happy with Skamps and the staff! You’re doing a great job! Thank you
  • Have a very high opinion of Skamps
  • Overall extremely pleased