St Andrews House, Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, Warwickshire. CV12 0JP


Skamps Preschool Day Nursery

We have fun, We play, We learn. 

Policies and Procedures

We have policies and procedures which apply to all staff, visitors, students, children and parents registered with or attending the session. Our policies are updated every 6 months during our staff meetings.

Here is a list of all the policies and procedures we have adopted and adapted at Skamps from the Pre-school Learning Alliance. The full documents can be distributed via post on request or picked up from Skamps.

Parental Involvement Policy, Special Educational Needs, Complaints Procedure, Equal Opportunities Policy, Health and Safety- Policy and Practice, Confidentiality Policy, Behaviour Management Policy, Safeguarding - Policy and Procedures, Equipment and Resources Policy, Student placement Policy, Staffing and Employment Policy, Non Collection of Children Policy, Lost Child Policy, Procedures for Answering the Door and Collection of Children, Nappy Changing Policy and Procedure, Procedure for a Lost Child on the Premises, Procedure for A Lost Child on an Outing, Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs policy, Discharge Policy,Training Policy, Non Collection of fees Policy, Internet Policy, Sun Protection Policy, Managing Children with Allergies, or who are Sick or Infectious Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy, Asthma Policy       

To promote good behaviour we give stickers and certificates to children who have tried really hard. We also have a kindness tree which the children get rewarded with a snowflake, leaf, flower etc depending on the season to promote kind and thoughtful behaviour. When a child is not behaving themselves we talk to them during a period of ‘Time out’ for 3 minutes depending on their age, and speak to them about being kind and helpful to others and not to hurt others. Treat our friends as we would like to be treated. Promoting good behaviour is in our Behaviour policy.

Since opening at the Methodist Church Hall on Wheelwright Lane in 1993 we have had many boys and girls pass though us on their way to 'Big' school. We have enjoyed all the colourful characters along the way and look forward to meeting our future children and help them grow and develop their individuality, working with parents and carers to help and support to nurture each child to reach their fullest potential.

Skamps Pre-school Day Nursery Bedworth, has grown and adapted over the years to where it is now Skamps Pre-school Day Nursery following our move into full day care as from April 2016. We offer holiday care throughout the holidays, serve breakfast, morning snack, hot dinner, afternoon snack and evening meal where required.